Sep 17, 2011

Intelligent action: Learning From Mistakes Your Business

It learns of its elegant errors of the business all the we incurred mistakes in business. The important edition is that we learn of them and we applied the lessons in our economic activities in line and out of line. One of my more expensive errors out of line happened approximately twelve years ago in the world of the business. Nevertheless, the lessons that I learned are just in line as applicable as they are out of line. Establishing a small business of sale by mail per hours, it decided to extend the business being used technical of the direct mail. It had read all the books and taken care of a course and it seemed to him as the best approach to reach my goals.

After approaching several suppliers of the list of people to those who are sent propaganda, it decided that it had found the list perfect to reach my market of target. The appraisal was obtained from the owner of the list and it pleased it to initially provide with me small amounts of names so that he could prove his list. These tests were quite right so that it decides to launch two great campaigns one of the mail after the other. It felt to me very trusting that would be receiving countless orders and soon it would be leaving my work full-time.

The disaster beat with the first mail and the second mail was too distant progressed to stop. The initial sample was a significant increase in the tariff of dead letter. Then the amount of orders was less than average what I hoped. The second mail had similar results. It was perceivably outside pocket and I had to remain in my work full-time to compensate the debts that had created. Soon after that, I began to read information that investigated to the owner of the list for the fraud and other criminal positions. Cosiderando it everything, a grieved situation.

The dominant lessons that I learned of this experience were:
a) It always verifies integrity with of whom you are making business - especially if you have not had previous distributions with them.
b) It never assumes that the limited test resulted will be duplicated in tests of a greater scale.
c) On-it never trusts to the promotional activity - he is better to grow slower than to lose his laborious money.
d) The indicated size and the quality of a list of people to those who are sent propaganda must watch with the precaution.
e) Aseg├║rese that you have sufficient margin of benefit in his product to be able to survive if its answer is very poor - especially in activities of the direct commercialization.

Today, the lessons that I learned apply to my economic activities of the following ways in line. The solo post office to the lists of subscribers of the bulletin of the news takes control of the precaution. Some owners of the list will inflate their numbers of the subscriber to animate to publicists to use their services. The first thing I do that it is subscribes to the bulletin of the news to consider the quality of the content and what others are making publicity via announcements solo.

Then I work with an announcement classified in the bulletin of the news to prove the sensitivity of the subscribers. This also gives an instruction to me of if the indicated size of the list is truth or no. I have had better answer of a list of 20,000 that what I received from a list of on 200.000. Many factors can influence such result. Whereas you must receive a far better answer of solo announcements than classified announcements, still she pays to try wherever you can. If an announcement classified in the bulletin of the news did not give rise to answers, it would not do publicity solo using the announcements.

Nevertheless, it can be that it proves some diverse classified announcements to see if the initial results were correct before moving ignition to other possibilities. It is of merit “makes the numbers” before happening in the publicity. Whereas many experts of commercialization speak of the value of the course of the life of `of a concept of customer, whose economic activities concentrate in promoting products of the programs of the affiliate must watch this with the precaution. In place, it determines how many they must be sold so that the commission that you receive you covers the cost with its publicity.

At the most high it is the answer of the percentage to his supply that you need to cover his cost with publicity, major is the occasion you will make a loss. It does not trust the statistics or the averages of industry to make his decisions. The careful files of the subsistence of its activities so you know what works, which must be avoided and what to hope of the future promotional activities. Finally, precaution of the exercise when considering surely-lists and calqued type of lists of the email address that can be bought. My experience is that there is no truth surely-lists available except having the own ones will choose list. Any form of email in bulk to the people who have not decided to receive her message will damage its reputation of the business and its perspective of making a decent life in the Internet. Elegant homemade proprietors of business the homemade proprietors of business use many hatreds. Salesman. Accountant. Executive of the announcement. CEO.

With so many hats, the proprietors of often homemade business finish above for with anything a great, more hardly hairy headache than. But with certain basic extremities and organization, the small proprietor of homemade business can avoid headaches and to find financial success with its great idea took it to house to begin with. The industrialists of homemade business of the success make three things important to handle their businesses successfully. Mainly, they pay the attention. They do not let the money as soon as slide through his fingers to pay dull what it seems like a necessity. In place, they make prudent, specific decisions in a daily base. These types of business proprietors will examine invoices carefully.

They' in reference to the people class who stands out in the check of the great warehouse and counts her change before she goes away. They' in reference to the pliers of the penny, the economists in our world. Each proprietor of right homemade business must find a way to do that and to hardly pay the attention. Secondly, the proprietor of right homemade business will keep his account from the business to part of his homemade account. Many new homemade proprietors of business simply spill their rent of business in their homemade account.

Not only it is this bad way to handle the money, but he will cost the money when the taxes on the rent quarterly must. In place, the proprietor of right homemade business will keep a separated verification to explain his business. All the rent of business will enter this account, and all the left costs of business that counts. When the proprietor of homemade business needs the money for his homemade account, he will be pleased a pay outside his account of the business and will put the 25 percent to a side for the taxes.

Those that cannot put the money to a side for the taxes will be in great anguish when April rolls around. Finally, the proprietor of right homemade business simply says to his money where to go instead of to allow that ' walks far from its hands and in some other; s. He creates a budget and lives by him in the country, and he creates a budget in the lives by him in the work. The right homemade businessmen right is ordered of money in the country and the business.

They create a budget where they pass each dollar of rent in the paper before writing a check. Then once they make his budget write, they can say to his money where to go and they do not lose this money through the financial cracks. Many new homemade proprietors of business will take to incredible risks own their own business. They make things easily frightened as to remove the loans in the form of participation in the capital homemade for they above begin for the money instead of to begin slow and handle his money. You do not have to lose his home when you have a homemade business. He handles the elegant money, and you' all is looking for of a new home not because you’re losing his, but because you need greater.

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