Aug 8, 2011

Helping you find a photographer for your wedding

At a wedding photographer's role is certainly very important. In order to capture the moment you are happy. It's just finding the right photographer is not easy. Consider the following nine tips to select a photographer that suits your desires.

1. Learn the results of his photos
This is the most important first step. View all examples of photos and portfolio wedding album he produced. Consider whether the angle-angle images and the end result according to your taste. Note also the little things like background studio use. Your photographer should have a background photo studio for a full body and covering the floor that you walk on. This is important if you want a full body photos one-to-toe. Check also whether the photographer had a background color to suit your desires.

2. Choose Your Photographer
Some companies have a lot of the major photographers. If you liked one photo portfolio, ask where the photographer who produced the work. Wherever possible you should get a photographer whose results according to your taste. If you are offered the other photographers, learn first of his works. Should not be afraid to seek other vendors if the photographer photo you want is not available.
3. Know Your Photographer
Before the big day, make sure you've talked with a photographer that you choose and make sure the photographer you choose can be cooperative with the good. Tell what you want for your wedding photographs, including those who want to capture. If you have a reference examples, show them to your photographer and ask if it possible to create something similar.

4. Understand Package Offered
Make sure you understand what you get in the photo package you choose. Things to consider include how long the photographer will work (ranging from prewed until D-day), how many albums you get, how many studio pictures that you get, if you can invite family and friends for the photo studio, and what you get in addition to the album (such as canvas or photo CD compilation of photos).

Before signing a contract, you and the photographer must agree on such matters to avoid future disputes. With both understand the rights and obligations of each of all parties will be more satisfied.

5. Recognize Other Costs
In addition to the package price, is there any other fees will be charged to you. Budget is a sensitive in planning the wedding. Therefore, do not let you overbudget due to less thorough in checking the details of the contract.

Some photographers also offer a package that will upgrade with some more value. If it is still appropriate budget could not hurt to ask about this. Once a lifetime wedding moments certainly deserve a good documentation.

6. Signs Contract
Highly recommended there is a written contract that contains an agreement between you and the photographer. Read the first fine of existing contracts, compared with other companies contract before you sign the contract if possible. Make sure all your wishes in writing in the contract to avoid disputes later on.

7. Completion Time
Some companies give the picture more quickly with others. Make sure you also compare this to.

8. The tools are used
If you understand about the world of photography, there's no harm in asking technical details such as what tools are used. If you lay with those things, just watch the details of its portfolio. Whether the picture is quite sharp, the color produced is quite good, and lighting can make better pictures taken.

9. Also Consider Video Documentation
Photographers usually offer a package with video documentation. See also the work during this video. Talk about what you'd expect video to find out if the vendors are able to do it. If you choose the same vendor to the pictures, try to ask for special prices for booking photo and video packages. If you had to choose another vendor, determine with a partner, which is more important. Photo or video. In which vendor you are willing to spend more budget portion.

Aug 2, 2011


Banyak berbagai aktifitas orang di internet, salah satunya adalah DOWNLOAD VIDEO DI YOUTUBE. Memang banyak koleksi Video di namun tidak banyak orang mengerti untuk mendownloadnya atau mengunduhnya. Berikut adalah tips untuk kalian yang suka download di Youtube, namun belum tau caranya.....

Saya sarankan menggunakan aplikasi MOZILLA FIREFOX untuk mengunduh / mendownload video dari Cara-caranya download video dari adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Buka Aplikasi Mozilla Firefox
2. Klik Tools >> Add ons

3. Kemudian muncul tampilan dan tunggu sesaat.....

4. Ketikan pada menu pencarian dan kemudian tekan enter.
5. Kemudian muncul tampilan, pilih menu add ons yang mau dimasukkan ke mozilla

6. Pilih Easy Youtube Downloader Klik Install
7. Dan pilih Youtube to MP3 untuk download video di youtube dengan Format MP3, Klik Install
8. Tunggu beberapa saat
9. Kemudian Restart Mozilla Firefox nya.. / Klik Restart Now
10. Silahkan Tes masuk ke youtube

11. Sekarang tinggal pilih jenis file yang akan didownload klik download ( FLV, MP4, MP3)
Selesai. Terima kasih....... Sukses selalu buat anda semoga menjadi raja download......

Untuk unduh tips ini dengan format MS WORD silankan klik download atau download 2