Jul 26, 2011

How to Blog Your Business How To Attract

Now businesses can be born and grow everywhere. Through the Internet one of them. Internet users will make use of blogs for business. They also create a business blog. They also must know, not one person who has a business blog. Therefore, they are trying to generate a business blog as interesting as possible. Then how to make your business blog always targeted readers? The following tips:

First, make sure you have to have a blog first. If you do not have, immediately create a blog. If you do not know how to make it, ask for help at your friends who have advanced or at least already have a blog. Really, you learn to behold him, until you can manage your own blog. If it can, then focus your mind to just create a business blog. Well, before making a business blog, think you will do business in what areas? If you have an answer, immediately manage business blogs. The important thing is enjoy.

Second, learn other people's business blogs. You need to be frequently read blogs and watch someone else's business. Notice how he makes the display so you can easily visit the blog readers. Similarly do not be afraid to discuss with the owner of the blog business. Did he put the articles or advertisements on the blog business? If so, see articles and advertisements are how often he had just published an entry.

Third, you already understand how people make a business blog to attract so many visitors and bring much profit. Now your turn to move. Calm your mind, then immediately go to your blog that is still virgin. Begin to change. Put your business blog theme that looks roughly spoil the reader's eye. Ask for an assessment of the appearance and content of your blog on the people closest to you. Obey opinion. Do not be shy. Hearing other people's opinions is a step forward for you.

If you wish to put articles in your business blog, I have one suggestion below. Joe Vitale in his book about making a riveting article on your blog is: Every reader is visiting websites, reading email, and visited your blog, is happening in their heads the following dialogue:

What do we Think?
So what?
What good is it for me?

Well, put the article on your business blog where the article can answer all three questions above.
So, create a business blog is not that easy? May be useful for you. Let's look for millions of dollars through your business blog.

Jul 24, 2011

Maintaining Fitness and Health Body While Fasting

Fitness and Health Body : In addition to a set pattern and a healthy lifestyle, you can also perform a variety of physical activities that can make you fit and energetic running fast. Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO of Mitra Kemayoran Hospital said that physical activity or exercise is performed to match fitness during fasting is a type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is one type of physical activity that uses oxygen as an energy source and be done with a balanced movement and repetitive such as walking, jogging, or swimming if possible. "Do not forget to stretch before and after exercise," added Michael.

To keep in shape during fasting, you should not do strenuous exercise. "Most people thought sports was a strenuous workout, and if it has not yet called the exercise sweating eating. In fact it is the wrong idea," says Michael. Thinking that one is making a lot of people so lazy to do sports.

Not necessarily every day you exercise, just 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. "You can do it after the dawn prayer, or before breaking for the lost fluids when exercising can be replaced when it broke," added Michael.

This type of exercise that can be tailored to one's physical abilities. "If you push your physical condition with heavy exercise, it is feared will occur in muscle injury or chronic fatigue," he added.

Or you can do light aerobics class at the gym such as yoga, meditation, pilates, thai-chi and stretching. While other types of sports like running on a treadmill.

"Therefore, choose a mild physical activity and in accordance with your physical condition during fasting in order to stay fit and healthy and can perform other activities with enthusiasm," said Michael, who currently serves as director of Slim + Health Sports Therapy at the Orchid Garden Mall, Jakarta.

During fasting, there are several "temptations" that can disrupt the body's fitness. Among them: lust "revenge" when breaking the fast, weak as fasting, bad breath, constipation (difficult bowel movements), and feel satiety during the meal. In addition to the health of the body, it can also disturb the absorption in running fast. How to cope? It turned out the way light and easy. Here's his explanation.

MANY people think, during the fasting month need not go on a diet. Opinion was not hurt. But eating a lot, does not mean out of control. Because after fasting, we face the Feast which allows us to taste it taste here. As a result, so holiday was over, the weight rather than down, even go up. Panic? Definitely. Because usually weight increased impact on the clothing and appearance.

According to experts, is not really difficult to apply a healthy diet during fasting and celebration. What is important to control food intake. Fruits and vegetables suitable for consumption to compensate for fatty foods and lack of physical activity.
As for the holidays, there are no other words, should refrain during the holiday period which usually lasts 5-7 days. A good meal can be done for 2 days widths, the rest you should limit your intake. How to maintain weight during the long Muslim holiday season? Here are the things that you should pay attention.

Proposed Experts
- Tuti Sunardi Nutritionists recommend to reduce the size of the meal, multiply the vegetables, fruits. Follow the diet trend expert, avoid oily food, too sweet, too creamy, high in fat and carbohydrates. "But you just have to reproduce protein."
- Doctor Frankie Robinson, British Nutrition nutritionist says, is very difficult to hold the food we want, when eating outdoors or when there is celebration. But all can be covered with sweat draining physical activity.

Various Ways to Avoid Weight Gain Increase
- Avoid sweets from the flour. If by chance you have to choose two cakes are quite sweet at the same time, try to avoid other foods that are sweet. Sugar is a source of energy, which if not used will turn into fat. Automatically make you a happy holiday when idle, so more fat.
- Do not eat foods that contain coconut milk excessively.
- It is better to eat little by little but often, rather than eat at the same time a lot. Because in addition to good digestion, making the stomach is not congested.
- Eating good in the house better not be continued when the streets outside the home. If it's eating too much food or highly-calorie cake, you'll want to bring lunch or fruit salad when outdoors.
- Drink lots of water to flush out the sugars from the body and resist your appetite.
- Choose fruits that contain high water content such as apples, star fruit, and orange, which is pretty good for the stomach and the circulation of our blood.

Good menu After Lebaran
- Select menu of fish, fisheries, grains, and vegetables.
- Replace your full-cream milk with low fat 2% milk.
- Reduce the salt and flavorings.
- Avoid fast foods and preserved. Replace with tempeh and tofu or mushrooms, as a variation.
- Try a new menu, such as Japanese, Korean or Chinese.

Avoid the following activities:
- Watching television, reading books, playing cards, making phone calls while eating and snacking. This type of activity can make you forget time and fun.
- Dinner in the outdoors.
- Take a nap (in a state full stomach); replace with housework.

Suggested Exercise
- Swim. Besides many burn calories, pool makes all parts of your body from head, hands, until the leg work.
- Walk. The benefit is not less than any other strenuous sports. Besides a sweat, walking is good for blood circulation, blood pressure and sugar levels.
- Do your own household activities. Take advantage of the Lebaran holiday helpers at home doing work such as mopping, washing dishes, gardening, cleaning the glass itself.
- Cycling also helps breathing and work your legs.
With a balanced physical activity, guaranteed condition your body healthy, fit, and ready to resume activity at work, home, or campus.

Get Fit During Fasting?
Fasting according to various studies in the medical world is an effective detoxification process. Detokdifikasi is the process of spending toxins from the body. Toxins that have been piling up in our bodies because of the leftovers, the rest of the body's metabolism, pollution, drugs to brain activity can lead to various diseases. Diseases that often accompany a person if it saves a lot of toxins in the body such as ulcers, asthma, itching, flu, cancer, fatigue, high cholesterol, gout, stress, high blood pressure and many more.

Still the results of research some doctors in the ground water, the body's process of removing toxins effective if done at least once a year for 30-40 days. If racn not immediately discarded, then the body will react to the symptoms of frequent headaches, asthma, sinusitis, nausea, bloating, frequent colds, perspiration odor, breath odor, acne, vaginal discharge and others. That's why Allah sent down the blessed month of ramadhan one of them to cleanse our bodies.

But for an unusual fasting, ramadhan was heavy. Body felt weak, dehydration, dizziness and even not infrequently those who fasted collapsed, sick in the middle of ramadhan or when widths. Therefore, it is important to keep in shape during this fasting month. Why?. Because, in addition to this month full of blessings, forgiveness and reward, the moon is right to restore the stamina of our body. If our bodies fail to undergo this detoxification process, the body vulnerable to disease.

Many of the things that make fitness not only come from food or physical activity. Fitness of body and soul of fasting could be a way of detoxification of body toxins, poisons the soul and the evil hearts. all can see the result after months of ramadhan passed. People who during ramadhan managed to keep kebugran body, soul and his heart will appear radiant, healthy and unseen. His life is more calm, orderly and happy with what it is himself. This is true happiness. Obviously this process will be effective if we pay attention to things important in maintaining fitness following.

1. Align the intention
Everything depends on his intentions. If we intend fasting is for God, then the law "mestakung" or the universe will support the force.

"Allah says: fasting, he is to Me, and I shall requite, in fact he had left syahwatnya, food, and drink for ME, the fasting person has two joys, once again time to break and time to meet Robbnya, really the smell of the fasting person's mouth is more fragrant than the sight of Allah SWT musk oil. "Sahih Bukhari hadith.

2. Fast break and meal mengakhirkan
Medically, the body has a limit of hunger or thirst. When the sunset call to prayer comes, hasten breaking the fast will prevent us from increasing stomach acid. Meal is also able to keep the body's defenses during the day due to hunger timescales shorter thirst.

3. Breaking fast with dates and water.
Dates contain IZI is almost complete with a balanced composition. High on the palm-fiber capable of binding cholesterol and stomach acid, sugar in dates is also rapidly absorbed by the body in 45-60 minutes after consumption. Different types of sugar to the rice or other foods that require long hours before absorbed by the body. While the water itself helps the process of dissolving toxins and expenditure of the body through urine.

4. Many eat fruit and vegetables at dawn
Fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits are easily digested and the body can make the stomach feel full longer as fast because the sugar in the fiber is not easy to unravel.

5. Avoiding coffee and sugary drinks
Coffee stimulates the body to urinate frequently so that the water in the body decreases. As a result we will be dehydrated and weak. While the sweet drinks are digested more quickly, so we quickly feel hungry.

6. A sufficient portion for rice
Not too much because it makes us weak. Also do not be too little, so we lack the manpower to activities during the day.

7. Drinking honey, black cumin half a glass of water mixed at dawn
The combination of these foods provide fitness during fasting during the day because it neutralizes stomach acid, blood flow and maintain stamina.

8. Avoid sleeping after a meal
Sleeping after a meal will cause flatulence because of increased stomach acid production. When after the dawn, the body begins to digest food. This activity will be the body weight if the condition of the body to sleep. Why?. Because when you sleep, the heart pumps blood to the brain and body kesluruh. Meanwhile, shortly after dawn, the body also had to pump blood faster to digest food and circulate throughout the body. If you want to sleep, wait for 2-3 hours. After dawn. Better yet, if you sleep during the day about 1 hour to get stamina for tarawih.

9. Regular moderate exercise
Food that enters the body after a meal can produce optimal energy if the body be trained by exercise. Perform regular 30-minute walk or ride a bike to keep the body fit. Avoid exercise weight except at night.

10. Keeping the senses
Keeping the eyes, ears and tongue as well as members of the body other than that do not do good deeds and abstain from sinful deeds will automatically maintain your fitness. Remember, sin can weaken the body and soul.

11. Increase the activity of goodness.
Expand to read the Qur'an, attending Islamic study, read books, charity, prayer and praying sunnah. This activity will make your heart and soul in shape. Remember, if your heart and soul fit, then your body will also feel very fit da ready for any activity.

Ramadhan is the month of luck to us all. By staying fit during ramadhan, then God willing, we successfully passed with flying colors ramadhan. No man is more losers than the people who met ramadhan but do not get forgiveness.

Jul 5, 2011

The internet is a crucial tool of small business marketing ideas

When a small business plans on beginning to market their business over the Internet, it can be very difficult finding what is necessary to create an effective marketing campaign for their business. Many small businesses assume that Internet local marketing is a simple process that takes little effort, which causes disappointment when their business fails during its launch online. There are a variety of Internet local marketing services that are available to most local businesses. One of the most popular marketing ideas is SEO or search engine optimization.

Through the use of Internet local marketing firms, small businesses can create complete sales campaigns directed at their own individual client list. One of the more popular marketing ideas that have appeared recently for small businesses is the use of Facebook and other social networks to promote their business. While using Facebook, small businesses can connect to a variety of different marketing situations by joining groups pertaining to their specific niche, as well as keeping up with current clients who can introduce the business to other potential clients. Put together a marketing video. Google loves video. Create a customer loyalty program. Create a monthly newsletter and start an email marketing campaign. People love free stuff.
I love hearing new ideas.

The internet is a crucial tool in the arsenal of small business marketing ideas. One of many small business marketing ideas is using banner ads with a local emphasis. Some ways of bringing traffic to a small business website is to offer free promotional items or considerable discounts.
One way to make sure of this is to use one of the small business marketing ideas. Some things to consider when building a website with small business marketing ideas in mind are creating an E-zine and including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content.

It can be very helpful in taking advantage of many of the other small business marketing ideas. A business would benefit by expanding its coverage to trends in the target market. As a business owner you should be commenting on blog posts. A new trend in small business marketing ideas involves online advertising. Business owners may balk expenses associated with such a campaign.

There are ways for small businesses to make an impact on consumers without spending too much money; all it takes is developing good marketing for small business firms. A great way of developing these ideas is through the use of video marketing strategies. Depending on the type of firm and the product or service they are selling, there are many great marketing ideas for these business companies to follow. Marketing ideas for small business companies may be funny, interesting, quirky or factual but spreading the word about a firm in an interesting manner will make a huge difference.

As long as the video remains relevant to them and their marketing ideas for small business companies, a video campaign can be a huge success.

Jul 2, 2011

Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011

Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011
Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011
Foto : Bayu