Dec 13, 2011

Legitimate Smart Business and Ideas for you

The Web is certainly full from the affairs and from the ideas. On-line availabilities completely new d' Affairs, the d' products; d' affairs; Appropriate Internet and the appropriate work of the ideas at the house press upward daily on the net. Always, if an on-line idea searching on-line affairs serve or you as l' the following smart acronym „. To help to discover “over you whether c' are smart affairs and ideas. The affairs at the house or l' Idea are precise they in their objective? Measure the affairs and the ideas to the competitor? Is everything in view of the affairs and the ideas, practices? Are the affairs and the ideas opportune? Their own answers will help you, in order to determine, if c' are affairs and FUTÉES ideas or not.

Scan Directly Into Outlook!
For example, a device the exploration of identification paper has the ability to extract l' image of complete paper, l' image of the forehead, l' image of the company and the data to integral text of the paper and to organize them in text annotations adapted and of the images that can be conserved to other Lima or application. Before dell' purchase of the sly reader of the business card is several factors here that you must keep in mind: (1) it decides what you have need of a device the exploration for; (2) it searches the fotoricettore for the devices d' exploration relative; (3) it confronts the scanners' for technicians - and - against; (4) one makes sure that the supplier is sure and that verification the answers from the last customers of the device d' exploration; (5) it establishes expenses and the procedures of transport for the returns.

Making an Impression with Attractive and Smart Business Cards
The marketing of the affairs is a constant fight for much d' Enterprise. If c' a start or set up affairs, which finds new customers and whom the old keep, is a hard work. Thus what’s the best kind, affairs in today' to introduce Market conditions of s? The simple answer is the good old impression of professional visiting card of the visit. Even in today High-speed and Watch stumps industries of s d' Affairs are always necessary the professional visiting cards of the visit in the affairs. Nearly all entrepreneurs always carry their maps with them for n' imported, where quip' they go ready to new perspectives to be distributed. The largest challenge however in the marketing of professional visiting card of the visit forces persons to look at the maps and force it, in order to keep it.

There is however a solution of this challenge: plan a professional visiting card of responding and smart visit. Nearly each always professional visiting cards of the visit use themselves today. If you persons on the road meet or present are the d' persons; Events of the net administration require always professional visiting cards of the visit. This makes it substantially, in order to create a professional visiting card of the visit, which holds itself outside from your competitions. The professional visiting cards of the visit will surely give responding and smartly you this opportunity. If you can place pictures, the l' consult; Eye or a unique logo in your maps receives you a better possibility of the design in the customers of forcing and it around itself above on your maps for l' to hold; later use.

The admirably planned maps can likewise be from large maintenance starters. If she comes to create your professional visiting cards of the visit she would be simple and simple for you. They know always to the d' societies go; to select on-line impression and of their calibers of professional visiting card of the visit, in order to use itself as your conception. They must only the d' cost pay; Impression. If you do not want to use yourselves calibers, in order your maps to plan, can always create you your own conception. If you have the creative competence, you can always use yourselves your own software of the text processing, in order to plan your maps. There are regulations, which can change you, in order to adapt the model, and l' Picture of your affairs. They can change the police or add a diagram on your maps. If what you wish are a creation in accordance with the customer, would be its better option d' to obligate a professional author.

Sep 21, 2011

Has Business Your Customers Can Talk To

Medium Social has opened up brilliant opportunities for small business. It's now possible to competes with huge names and the big brands as small and big medium enterprises can offer something the boys can't (or just don't). Service Smart customer. While the major brands are dealing with hundreds, thousand and millions of customers (you can't competes in size, knows don't bother), small and medium enterprises can take advantage of the social aspects of the new. You can engage with your customers one-on-one and meet and sometimes even exceed their expectations.

Service It's worth developing good customer habits as they always have to positive effect on your bottom illusive linens and that - Return on Investment (ROI). According to recent date - to dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about it. And who wants that. We all know it's much easier, and makes more sense financially to deal with any complaint properly and with integrity. More especially as it can cost up to five times to find new customers than to keep existing ones.

More Take advantage of your compact size and engage with your customer base. Medium Use social effectively to remind your customers you're too there for them and that you're listening. More Strategies for getting your existing customers to love you even and finding new fans in the process:

1. People are now shopping 24/7 and you can be open all hours without having to turn the shop lights on. This doesn't mean you have to be online 24 hours today. It does mean you have to answer as soon as is feasibly possible with to consider response. Getting back to people in the next five minutes isn't always necessary, but to week later is very poor.

2. Product announcements as they happen. Take advantage of the real medium Time natures of social by keeping your customers informed. You can promote new goods and services, run contests, give always, try before you buy campaigns, etc.

3. You can ask your customers what they want and tweak your goods and services I know they're what are really wanted. People like to be asked and not told.

4. Show appreciation and support. Show your customers you beloveds. Say hi. Give out freebies and or discounts on birthdays etc.

5. Respond to their concerns, comments and customer services needs. Be prompt and considered at all times.

6. Provide links to recommended resources and tools. Show your customers you're not just too pretty face but also to valuable source of information.

7. Engage and build to dialogue that develops new relations with customers and potential fans. Exchange, interact, connect etc.

8. More make selling your business interactive. Even ask your customers and fans to I give something for you ounces in awhile. e.g. “Tell two friends and you can get this….”, “RT this for us please .....”

9. Careful and thoughtful use of automated messages. It's OK to send out to “Thanks for your message, call, tweet etc. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.” And then make sure you get back to them soon. More Personal messages should follow as automated responses makes it seem like your company is run by bots and you can't be bothered to talk to them.

Overall in Customer Service just think how you would like to be treated and treat your customers like people you want to I give business with! Finally always remember the wise words of Mark Twain: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Good Luck

Sep 20, 2011

Small Business can carry out the direction

All the stimulus money the government spent has left many small business owners asking, "Where's my bailout?"

We said Wall Street is more important than Main Street - or at least that Wall Street's butt deserved to be saved with Main Street's money.

Most smaller companies saw their credit lines slashed by the very financial institutions they - through their tax money - were helping to bail out. As President Barack Obama said last year, "Even though banks on Wall Street are lending again, they're lending to bigger businesses, not small ones."

Many small businesses rely on revolving lines of credit to meet normal overhead items like payroll. Additionally, many of these companies are in service industries, and their clients are other small companies. Most small business owners these days aren't laughing. Any Long Island homeowners who think small business development has nothing to do with them should realize that there are two pockets local governments can pick: They can expand the corporate tax base or raise residential property taxes. Every time governments say "no" to business - whether through inattention or harmful policies - and fail to expand the corporate tax base, they are saying "yes" to residential property tax increases.

If businesses are demanding payment terms of 45-120 days and banks are not lending then small businesses can't hire. The lack of lending and the restrictions on lending have caused a cash crunch on small business cash flow. This cash crunch has prevented businesses from hiring. Once the lending issue is resolved then small businesses will start hiring again. "

Sport Hot News : NFL, sphere of tastes stage of the cowboy on the provisional seats

Jones: ‘Fragile’ Cowboys needed a lift
“I underline the word fragile. “America’s Team!” Fragile? We’re underlining fragile? The Dallas Cowboys need a win, and we need it early. We’ve seen the rut.”
Kidding aside, Jones has a point.

In their zeal to set a Super Bowl attendance record, the NFL and Jerry Jones overlooked one important detail: Making sure all the temporary seats inside mammoth Cowboys Stadium had been inspected and were ready for the fans. A week plagued by poor weather took an embarrassing turn Sunday when the league had to find replacement seats for 850 fans. The officer said the winter storms that struck Dallas earlier had set back work on the temporary seats.

That didn't matter to fans who felt they had been deceived by the league and Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner who had hoped some 105,000 people would watch the game inside and outside the stadium. As for those 400 fans, not even a hefty refund offer from the NFL was enough to satisfy them for losing their seats. We just want to see the game." The NFL said 850 fans were put in "similar or better seats." As for the rest, the NFL first offered to let the fans watch the game in the outdoor plazas. Then, shortly after kickoff, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said they had been allowed into the field-level club behind the Pittsburgh Steelers bench, where they could watch the game on monitors.

The fans "watched game in club w/free food, soft drinks + merchandise," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tweeted. NFL + Cowboys staff and families gave up seats."
I didn't have to take a plane trip to Texas to watch the game on TV, and I certainly didn't buy a ticket so I could watch the game in a bar."

Seating woes are the latest frustration for the first Super Bowl in the Dallas area.
In the upper deck, there were off-limits seats in the same rows as seats that were deemed safe. "The safety of fans attending the Super Bowl was paramount in making the decision and the NFL, Dallas Cowboys and City of Arlington officials are in agreement with the resolution," the NFL said in a statement. About 15,000 temporary seats were added to the stadium in a bid to set the record for the largest crowd in Super Bowl history. The temporary seats filled open platforms that are usually standing-room only "party pass" areas for Cowboys games. Rich McCandless of Butler, Pa., was at the game with his son, Rich Jr. AP Pro Football Writer Jaime Aron, AP Sports Writer Stephen Hawkins and AP Video Reporter Haven Daley contributed.

Sport Hot News : nfl, dallas cowboys, dallas, jets, espn

Sep 17, 2011

Intelligent action: Learning From Mistakes Your Business

It learns of its elegant errors of the business all the we incurred mistakes in business. The important edition is that we learn of them and we applied the lessons in our economic activities in line and out of line. One of my more expensive errors out of line happened approximately twelve years ago in the world of the business. Nevertheless, the lessons that I learned are just in line as applicable as they are out of line. Establishing a small business of sale by mail per hours, it decided to extend the business being used technical of the direct mail. It had read all the books and taken care of a course and it seemed to him as the best approach to reach my goals.

After approaching several suppliers of the list of people to those who are sent propaganda, it decided that it had found the list perfect to reach my market of target. The appraisal was obtained from the owner of the list and it pleased it to initially provide with me small amounts of names so that he could prove his list. These tests were quite right so that it decides to launch two great campaigns one of the mail after the other. It felt to me very trusting that would be receiving countless orders and soon it would be leaving my work full-time.

The disaster beat with the first mail and the second mail was too distant progressed to stop. The initial sample was a significant increase in the tariff of dead letter. Then the amount of orders was less than average what I hoped. The second mail had similar results. It was perceivably outside pocket and I had to remain in my work full-time to compensate the debts that had created. Soon after that, I began to read information that investigated to the owner of the list for the fraud and other criminal positions. Cosiderando it everything, a grieved situation.

The dominant lessons that I learned of this experience were:
a) It always verifies integrity with of whom you are making business - especially if you have not had previous distributions with them.
b) It never assumes that the limited test resulted will be duplicated in tests of a greater scale.
c) On-it never trusts to the promotional activity - he is better to grow slower than to lose his laborious money.
d) The indicated size and the quality of a list of people to those who are sent propaganda must watch with the precaution.
e) Asegúrese that you have sufficient margin of benefit in his product to be able to survive if its answer is very poor - especially in activities of the direct commercialization.

Today, the lessons that I learned apply to my economic activities of the following ways in line. The solo post office to the lists of subscribers of the bulletin of the news takes control of the precaution. Some owners of the list will inflate their numbers of the subscriber to animate to publicists to use their services. The first thing I do that it is subscribes to the bulletin of the news to consider the quality of the content and what others are making publicity via announcements solo.

Then I work with an announcement classified in the bulletin of the news to prove the sensitivity of the subscribers. This also gives an instruction to me of if the indicated size of the list is truth or no. I have had better answer of a list of 20,000 that what I received from a list of on 200.000. Many factors can influence such result. Whereas you must receive a far better answer of solo announcements than classified announcements, still she pays to try wherever you can. If an announcement classified in the bulletin of the news did not give rise to answers, it would not do publicity solo using the announcements.

Nevertheless, it can be that it proves some diverse classified announcements to see if the initial results were correct before moving ignition to other possibilities. It is of merit “makes the numbers” before happening in the publicity. Whereas many experts of commercialization speak of the value of the course of the life of `of a concept of customer, whose economic activities concentrate in promoting products of the programs of the affiliate must watch this with the precaution. In place, it determines how many they must be sold so that the commission that you receive you covers the cost with its publicity.

At the most high it is the answer of the percentage to his supply that you need to cover his cost with publicity, major is the occasion you will make a loss. It does not trust the statistics or the averages of industry to make his decisions. The careful files of the subsistence of its activities so you know what works, which must be avoided and what to hope of the future promotional activities. Finally, precaution of the exercise when considering surely-lists and calqued type of lists of the email address that can be bought. My experience is that there is no truth surely-lists available except having the own ones will choose list. Any form of email in bulk to the people who have not decided to receive her message will damage its reputation of the business and its perspective of making a decent life in the Internet. Elegant homemade proprietors of business the homemade proprietors of business use many hatreds. Salesman. Accountant. Executive of the announcement. CEO.

With so many hats, the proprietors of often homemade business finish above for with anything a great, more hardly hairy headache than. But with certain basic extremities and organization, the small proprietor of homemade business can avoid headaches and to find financial success with its great idea took it to house to begin with. The industrialists of homemade business of the success make three things important to handle their businesses successfully. Mainly, they pay the attention. They do not let the money as soon as slide through his fingers to pay dull what it seems like a necessity. In place, they make prudent, specific decisions in a daily base. These types of business proprietors will examine invoices carefully.

They' in reference to the people class who stands out in the check of the great warehouse and counts her change before she goes away. They' in reference to the pliers of the penny, the economists in our world. Each proprietor of right homemade business must find a way to do that and to hardly pay the attention. Secondly, the proprietor of right homemade business will keep his account from the business to part of his homemade account. Many new homemade proprietors of business simply spill their rent of business in their homemade account.

Not only it is this bad way to handle the money, but he will cost the money when the taxes on the rent quarterly must. In place, the proprietor of right homemade business will keep a separated verification to explain his business. All the rent of business will enter this account, and all the left costs of business that counts. When the proprietor of homemade business needs the money for his homemade account, he will be pleased a pay outside his account of the business and will put the 25 percent to a side for the taxes.

Those that cannot put the money to a side for the taxes will be in great anguish when April rolls around. Finally, the proprietor of right homemade business simply says to his money where to go instead of to allow that ' walks far from its hands and in some other; s. He creates a budget and lives by him in the country, and he creates a budget in the lives by him in the work. The right homemade businessmen right is ordered of money in the country and the business.

They create a budget where they pass each dollar of rent in the paper before writing a check. Then once they make his budget write, they can say to his money where to go and they do not lose this money through the financial cracks. Many new homemade proprietors of business will take to incredible risks own their own business. They make things easily frightened as to remove the loans in the form of participation in the capital homemade for they above begin for the money instead of to begin slow and handle his money. You do not have to lose his home when you have a homemade business. He handles the elegant money, and you' all is looking for of a new home not because you’re losing his, but because you need greater.

Sep 15, 2011

How to Start a Small Business Quickly With a Website Builder

Candidate like starting a small company, particularly a house based one will introduce the individuals into the reign of l' Internet. L' Internet allows that people of all the level d' address can generate a Web site and from there quip' introduced and that sells their products on the market, interactive with the customers and that can constantly function of the convenience of the house, everywhere. There are various directions to develop trade however when it examines as to start a small company in less time a manufacturer of Web site is something to consider. A manufacturer of Web site is a program, which allows that the individuals so with experiment or inexpert they quickly develop a Web site of zero. There are many types of programs of the manufacturer of Web site. It is important to choose the type which will function better for you. Much d' companies d' ; hospitality offer a manufacturer of Web site.

These programs are generally on line, do not require installation and they provide him a direction, in much case, simply with the copy and the adhesive. The majority of coding are taken the care of almost the program or abruptly provide a method and point while allowing which you select simply the characteristics. These types of programs can preserve the small entrepreneurs of starts, month of time quad' they prepare thus like l' money. Other construction schedules of Web site will be installation or programs outside line.

Those allow that you generate all want for yours trades before l' site of the n' import which d' part; it on the fotoricettore. Once you supplemented your Web site qu' upload simply, are it and you readies to go according to the program those can be free or they can only be available for l' ; purchase. Some moreover are intended to function with software specifies or of the types of codes. Some manufacturers of Web site will be projected for only codifies, those generally offer appreciably more the characteristics but moreover they ask more knowledge to employ them with past.

It is important qu' tested l' ; application outside first dell' ; purchase or to decide d' a program. A manufacturer of Web site is one of the essential components when it examines like starting a small company on line and must consider this application a socio. You l' will employ throughout yours trades when deferred your Web pagi and while yours I trade it develops is important that you can use l' fully; ; qu' application; étées while considering.

I online business am entirely approximately the Web site. That is the average interactive with which communicated with your customers and customers. It is important that your Web site is easy of traversare and provides very which a customer must put to him in contacts with, buy the products and obtain the necessary informations on transport, the returns and other policies d' businesses. You want a manufacturer of Web site which will give him the tools that you must meet your waitings of the customers and qu' it goes l' to help while making it easy to obtain started. Nell' ; to examine like quickly starting a small company to consider the options available in the manufacturers of Web site. These programs can help them nell' ; yours Web site without having to assume l' ; helps or to pass in the months qu' learned as to write the code for the various things which you want to be available on your Web site. These programs are tools inestimabili with the small entrepreneur.

Aug 8, 2011

Helping you find a photographer for your wedding

At a wedding photographer's role is certainly very important. In order to capture the moment you are happy. It's just finding the right photographer is not easy. Consider the following nine tips to select a photographer that suits your desires.

1. Learn the results of his photos
This is the most important first step. View all examples of photos and portfolio wedding album he produced. Consider whether the angle-angle images and the end result according to your taste. Note also the little things like background studio use. Your photographer should have a background photo studio for a full body and covering the floor that you walk on. This is important if you want a full body photos one-to-toe. Check also whether the photographer had a background color to suit your desires.

2. Choose Your Photographer
Some companies have a lot of the major photographers. If you liked one photo portfolio, ask where the photographer who produced the work. Wherever possible you should get a photographer whose results according to your taste. If you are offered the other photographers, learn first of his works. Should not be afraid to seek other vendors if the photographer photo you want is not available.
3. Know Your Photographer
Before the big day, make sure you've talked with a photographer that you choose and make sure the photographer you choose can be cooperative with the good. Tell what you want for your wedding photographs, including those who want to capture. If you have a reference examples, show them to your photographer and ask if it possible to create something similar.

4. Understand Package Offered
Make sure you understand what you get in the photo package you choose. Things to consider include how long the photographer will work (ranging from prewed until D-day), how many albums you get, how many studio pictures that you get, if you can invite family and friends for the photo studio, and what you get in addition to the album (such as canvas or photo CD compilation of photos).

Before signing a contract, you and the photographer must agree on such matters to avoid future disputes. With both understand the rights and obligations of each of all parties will be more satisfied.

5. Recognize Other Costs
In addition to the package price, is there any other fees will be charged to you. Budget is a sensitive in planning the wedding. Therefore, do not let you overbudget due to less thorough in checking the details of the contract.

Some photographers also offer a package that will upgrade with some more value. If it is still appropriate budget could not hurt to ask about this. Once a lifetime wedding moments certainly deserve a good documentation.

6. Signs Contract
Highly recommended there is a written contract that contains an agreement between you and the photographer. Read the first fine of existing contracts, compared with other companies contract before you sign the contract if possible. Make sure all your wishes in writing in the contract to avoid disputes later on.

7. Completion Time
Some companies give the picture more quickly with others. Make sure you also compare this to.

8. The tools are used
If you understand about the world of photography, there's no harm in asking technical details such as what tools are used. If you lay with those things, just watch the details of its portfolio. Whether the picture is quite sharp, the color produced is quite good, and lighting can make better pictures taken.

9. Also Consider Video Documentation
Photographers usually offer a package with video documentation. See also the work during this video. Talk about what you'd expect video to find out if the vendors are able to do it. If you choose the same vendor to the pictures, try to ask for special prices for booking photo and video packages. If you had to choose another vendor, determine with a partner, which is more important. Photo or video. In which vendor you are willing to spend more budget portion.

Aug 2, 2011


Banyak berbagai aktifitas orang di internet, salah satunya adalah DOWNLOAD VIDEO DI YOUTUBE. Memang banyak koleksi Video di namun tidak banyak orang mengerti untuk mendownloadnya atau mengunduhnya. Berikut adalah tips untuk kalian yang suka download di Youtube, namun belum tau caranya.....

Saya sarankan menggunakan aplikasi MOZILLA FIREFOX untuk mengunduh / mendownload video dari Cara-caranya download video dari adalah sebagai berikut :

1. Buka Aplikasi Mozilla Firefox
2. Klik Tools >> Add ons

3. Kemudian muncul tampilan dan tunggu sesaat.....

4. Ketikan pada menu pencarian dan kemudian tekan enter.
5. Kemudian muncul tampilan, pilih menu add ons yang mau dimasukkan ke mozilla

6. Pilih Easy Youtube Downloader Klik Install
7. Dan pilih Youtube to MP3 untuk download video di youtube dengan Format MP3, Klik Install
8. Tunggu beberapa saat
9. Kemudian Restart Mozilla Firefox nya.. / Klik Restart Now
10. Silahkan Tes masuk ke youtube

11. Sekarang tinggal pilih jenis file yang akan didownload klik download ( FLV, MP4, MP3)
Selesai. Terima kasih....... Sukses selalu buat anda semoga menjadi raja download......

Untuk unduh tips ini dengan format MS WORD silankan klik download atau download 2

Jul 26, 2011

How to Blog Your Business How To Attract

Now businesses can be born and grow everywhere. Through the Internet one of them. Internet users will make use of blogs for business. They also create a business blog. They also must know, not one person who has a business blog. Therefore, they are trying to generate a business blog as interesting as possible. Then how to make your business blog always targeted readers? The following tips:

First, make sure you have to have a blog first. If you do not have, immediately create a blog. If you do not know how to make it, ask for help at your friends who have advanced or at least already have a blog. Really, you learn to behold him, until you can manage your own blog. If it can, then focus your mind to just create a business blog. Well, before making a business blog, think you will do business in what areas? If you have an answer, immediately manage business blogs. The important thing is enjoy.

Second, learn other people's business blogs. You need to be frequently read blogs and watch someone else's business. Notice how he makes the display so you can easily visit the blog readers. Similarly do not be afraid to discuss with the owner of the blog business. Did he put the articles or advertisements on the blog business? If so, see articles and advertisements are how often he had just published an entry.

Third, you already understand how people make a business blog to attract so many visitors and bring much profit. Now your turn to move. Calm your mind, then immediately go to your blog that is still virgin. Begin to change. Put your business blog theme that looks roughly spoil the reader's eye. Ask for an assessment of the appearance and content of your blog on the people closest to you. Obey opinion. Do not be shy. Hearing other people's opinions is a step forward for you.

If you wish to put articles in your business blog, I have one suggestion below. Joe Vitale in his book about making a riveting article on your blog is: Every reader is visiting websites, reading email, and visited your blog, is happening in their heads the following dialogue:

What do we Think?
So what?
What good is it for me?

Well, put the article on your business blog where the article can answer all three questions above.
So, create a business blog is not that easy? May be useful for you. Let's look for millions of dollars through your business blog.

Jul 24, 2011

Maintaining Fitness and Health Body While Fasting

Fitness and Health Body : In addition to a set pattern and a healthy lifestyle, you can also perform a variety of physical activities that can make you fit and energetic running fast. Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO of Mitra Kemayoran Hospital said that physical activity or exercise is performed to match fitness during fasting is a type of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is one type of physical activity that uses oxygen as an energy source and be done with a balanced movement and repetitive such as walking, jogging, or swimming if possible. "Do not forget to stretch before and after exercise," added Michael.

To keep in shape during fasting, you should not do strenuous exercise. "Most people thought sports was a strenuous workout, and if it has not yet called the exercise sweating eating. In fact it is the wrong idea," says Michael. Thinking that one is making a lot of people so lazy to do sports.

Not necessarily every day you exercise, just 3-5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. "You can do it after the dawn prayer, or before breaking for the lost fluids when exercising can be replaced when it broke," added Michael.

This type of exercise that can be tailored to one's physical abilities. "If you push your physical condition with heavy exercise, it is feared will occur in muscle injury or chronic fatigue," he added.

Or you can do light aerobics class at the gym such as yoga, meditation, pilates, thai-chi and stretching. While other types of sports like running on a treadmill.

"Therefore, choose a mild physical activity and in accordance with your physical condition during fasting in order to stay fit and healthy and can perform other activities with enthusiasm," said Michael, who currently serves as director of Slim + Health Sports Therapy at the Orchid Garden Mall, Jakarta.

During fasting, there are several "temptations" that can disrupt the body's fitness. Among them: lust "revenge" when breaking the fast, weak as fasting, bad breath, constipation (difficult bowel movements), and feel satiety during the meal. In addition to the health of the body, it can also disturb the absorption in running fast. How to cope? It turned out the way light and easy. Here's his explanation.

MANY people think, during the fasting month need not go on a diet. Opinion was not hurt. But eating a lot, does not mean out of control. Because after fasting, we face the Feast which allows us to taste it taste here. As a result, so holiday was over, the weight rather than down, even go up. Panic? Definitely. Because usually weight increased impact on the clothing and appearance.

According to experts, is not really difficult to apply a healthy diet during fasting and celebration. What is important to control food intake. Fruits and vegetables suitable for consumption to compensate for fatty foods and lack of physical activity.
As for the holidays, there are no other words, should refrain during the holiday period which usually lasts 5-7 days. A good meal can be done for 2 days widths, the rest you should limit your intake. How to maintain weight during the long Muslim holiday season? Here are the things that you should pay attention.

Proposed Experts
- Tuti Sunardi Nutritionists recommend to reduce the size of the meal, multiply the vegetables, fruits. Follow the diet trend expert, avoid oily food, too sweet, too creamy, high in fat and carbohydrates. "But you just have to reproduce protein."
- Doctor Frankie Robinson, British Nutrition nutritionist says, is very difficult to hold the food we want, when eating outdoors or when there is celebration. But all can be covered with sweat draining physical activity.

Various Ways to Avoid Weight Gain Increase
- Avoid sweets from the flour. If by chance you have to choose two cakes are quite sweet at the same time, try to avoid other foods that are sweet. Sugar is a source of energy, which if not used will turn into fat. Automatically make you a happy holiday when idle, so more fat.
- Do not eat foods that contain coconut milk excessively.
- It is better to eat little by little but often, rather than eat at the same time a lot. Because in addition to good digestion, making the stomach is not congested.
- Eating good in the house better not be continued when the streets outside the home. If it's eating too much food or highly-calorie cake, you'll want to bring lunch or fruit salad when outdoors.
- Drink lots of water to flush out the sugars from the body and resist your appetite.
- Choose fruits that contain high water content such as apples, star fruit, and orange, which is pretty good for the stomach and the circulation of our blood.

Good menu After Lebaran
- Select menu of fish, fisheries, grains, and vegetables.
- Replace your full-cream milk with low fat 2% milk.
- Reduce the salt and flavorings.
- Avoid fast foods and preserved. Replace with tempeh and tofu or mushrooms, as a variation.
- Try a new menu, such as Japanese, Korean or Chinese.

Avoid the following activities:
- Watching television, reading books, playing cards, making phone calls while eating and snacking. This type of activity can make you forget time and fun.
- Dinner in the outdoors.
- Take a nap (in a state full stomach); replace with housework.

Suggested Exercise
- Swim. Besides many burn calories, pool makes all parts of your body from head, hands, until the leg work.
- Walk. The benefit is not less than any other strenuous sports. Besides a sweat, walking is good for blood circulation, blood pressure and sugar levels.
- Do your own household activities. Take advantage of the Lebaran holiday helpers at home doing work such as mopping, washing dishes, gardening, cleaning the glass itself.
- Cycling also helps breathing and work your legs.
With a balanced physical activity, guaranteed condition your body healthy, fit, and ready to resume activity at work, home, or campus.

Get Fit During Fasting?
Fasting according to various studies in the medical world is an effective detoxification process. Detokdifikasi is the process of spending toxins from the body. Toxins that have been piling up in our bodies because of the leftovers, the rest of the body's metabolism, pollution, drugs to brain activity can lead to various diseases. Diseases that often accompany a person if it saves a lot of toxins in the body such as ulcers, asthma, itching, flu, cancer, fatigue, high cholesterol, gout, stress, high blood pressure and many more.

Still the results of research some doctors in the ground water, the body's process of removing toxins effective if done at least once a year for 30-40 days. If racn not immediately discarded, then the body will react to the symptoms of frequent headaches, asthma, sinusitis, nausea, bloating, frequent colds, perspiration odor, breath odor, acne, vaginal discharge and others. That's why Allah sent down the blessed month of ramadhan one of them to cleanse our bodies.

But for an unusual fasting, ramadhan was heavy. Body felt weak, dehydration, dizziness and even not infrequently those who fasted collapsed, sick in the middle of ramadhan or when widths. Therefore, it is important to keep in shape during this fasting month. Why?. Because, in addition to this month full of blessings, forgiveness and reward, the moon is right to restore the stamina of our body. If our bodies fail to undergo this detoxification process, the body vulnerable to disease.

Many of the things that make fitness not only come from food or physical activity. Fitness of body and soul of fasting could be a way of detoxification of body toxins, poisons the soul and the evil hearts. all can see the result after months of ramadhan passed. People who during ramadhan managed to keep kebugran body, soul and his heart will appear radiant, healthy and unseen. His life is more calm, orderly and happy with what it is himself. This is true happiness. Obviously this process will be effective if we pay attention to things important in maintaining fitness following.

1. Align the intention
Everything depends on his intentions. If we intend fasting is for God, then the law "mestakung" or the universe will support the force.

"Allah says: fasting, he is to Me, and I shall requite, in fact he had left syahwatnya, food, and drink for ME, the fasting person has two joys, once again time to break and time to meet Robbnya, really the smell of the fasting person's mouth is more fragrant than the sight of Allah SWT musk oil. "Sahih Bukhari hadith.

2. Fast break and meal mengakhirkan
Medically, the body has a limit of hunger or thirst. When the sunset call to prayer comes, hasten breaking the fast will prevent us from increasing stomach acid. Meal is also able to keep the body's defenses during the day due to hunger timescales shorter thirst.

3. Breaking fast with dates and water.
Dates contain IZI is almost complete with a balanced composition. High on the palm-fiber capable of binding cholesterol and stomach acid, sugar in dates is also rapidly absorbed by the body in 45-60 minutes after consumption. Different types of sugar to the rice or other foods that require long hours before absorbed by the body. While the water itself helps the process of dissolving toxins and expenditure of the body through urine.

4. Many eat fruit and vegetables at dawn
Fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits are easily digested and the body can make the stomach feel full longer as fast because the sugar in the fiber is not easy to unravel.

5. Avoiding coffee and sugary drinks
Coffee stimulates the body to urinate frequently so that the water in the body decreases. As a result we will be dehydrated and weak. While the sweet drinks are digested more quickly, so we quickly feel hungry.

6. A sufficient portion for rice
Not too much because it makes us weak. Also do not be too little, so we lack the manpower to activities during the day.

7. Drinking honey, black cumin half a glass of water mixed at dawn
The combination of these foods provide fitness during fasting during the day because it neutralizes stomach acid, blood flow and maintain stamina.

8. Avoid sleeping after a meal
Sleeping after a meal will cause flatulence because of increased stomach acid production. When after the dawn, the body begins to digest food. This activity will be the body weight if the condition of the body to sleep. Why?. Because when you sleep, the heart pumps blood to the brain and body kesluruh. Meanwhile, shortly after dawn, the body also had to pump blood faster to digest food and circulate throughout the body. If you want to sleep, wait for 2-3 hours. After dawn. Better yet, if you sleep during the day about 1 hour to get stamina for tarawih.

9. Regular moderate exercise
Food that enters the body after a meal can produce optimal energy if the body be trained by exercise. Perform regular 30-minute walk or ride a bike to keep the body fit. Avoid exercise weight except at night.

10. Keeping the senses
Keeping the eyes, ears and tongue as well as members of the body other than that do not do good deeds and abstain from sinful deeds will automatically maintain your fitness. Remember, sin can weaken the body and soul.

11. Increase the activity of goodness.
Expand to read the Qur'an, attending Islamic study, read books, charity, prayer and praying sunnah. This activity will make your heart and soul in shape. Remember, if your heart and soul fit, then your body will also feel very fit da ready for any activity.

Ramadhan is the month of luck to us all. By staying fit during ramadhan, then God willing, we successfully passed with flying colors ramadhan. No man is more losers than the people who met ramadhan but do not get forgiveness.

Jul 5, 2011

The internet is a crucial tool of small business marketing ideas

When a small business plans on beginning to market their business over the Internet, it can be very difficult finding what is necessary to create an effective marketing campaign for their business. Many small businesses assume that Internet local marketing is a simple process that takes little effort, which causes disappointment when their business fails during its launch online. There are a variety of Internet local marketing services that are available to most local businesses. One of the most popular marketing ideas is SEO or search engine optimization.

Through the use of Internet local marketing firms, small businesses can create complete sales campaigns directed at their own individual client list. One of the more popular marketing ideas that have appeared recently for small businesses is the use of Facebook and other social networks to promote their business. While using Facebook, small businesses can connect to a variety of different marketing situations by joining groups pertaining to their specific niche, as well as keeping up with current clients who can introduce the business to other potential clients. Put together a marketing video. Google loves video. Create a customer loyalty program. Create a monthly newsletter and start an email marketing campaign. People love free stuff.
I love hearing new ideas.

The internet is a crucial tool in the arsenal of small business marketing ideas. One of many small business marketing ideas is using banner ads with a local emphasis. Some ways of bringing traffic to a small business website is to offer free promotional items or considerable discounts.
One way to make sure of this is to use one of the small business marketing ideas. Some things to consider when building a website with small business marketing ideas in mind are creating an E-zine and including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content.

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As long as the video remains relevant to them and their marketing ideas for small business companies, a video campaign can be a huge success.

Jul 2, 2011

Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011

Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011
Dok: Acara HARGANAS 2011
Foto : Bayu

Apr 8, 2011

Tips Fotografi : Penjelasan tentang, Apa itu ISO?

Tips Fotografi : Apa itu ISO?
Kecepatan ISO dari sensor kamera film atau digital berasal dari standar yang ditetapkan oleh Organisasi Internasional untuk Standardisasi, yang terdiri dari perwakilan dari beberapa entitas standardisasi nasional. Tujuan mereka adalah untuk menciptakan sebuah metode universal standarisasi untuk sejumlah produk dan industri. Kecepatan atau sensitivitas kamera Film sensor digital adalah salah satu hal yang organisasi ini telah mengembangkan standar internasional.

Agar pembuatan kamera untuk pengaturan kamera bunga dengan setiap nomor ISO, harus memenuhi standar ISO masing-masing untuk sinyal untuk pengukuran kebisingan dan kecerahan. Secara teori, ISO 100 pada satu kamera digital harus sensitivitas sama dengan ISO 100 pada setiap kamera digital lainnya.
Itu cukup dari pelajaran sejarah.

Jadi, apa ISO berarti Anda dan saya?

Ketika kita berbicara tentang ISO, kita berbicara tentang bagaimana sensitif terhadap cahaya dan sensor film atau kamera digital. ISO membantu kita menjawab pertanyaan tentang seberapa banyak cahaya yang kita butuhkan untuk berapa lama dalam rangka untuk memiliki foto benar terkena.

Ini Masih Tentang Cahaya
Cahaya adalah perhatian menyeluruh dengan unsur eksposur. Kami terikat dengan apa cahaya yang ada (baik secara alami atau artifisial). Jika kita menggunakan kecepatan rana lambat, cahaya akan "menghantam sensor" untuk waktu yang lebih lama. Jika kita menggunakan aperture yang lebih besar, "lebih" cahaya akan tuangkan melalui lensa dan sensor.

ISO 100 adalah tentang tingkat terendah paling kamera digital dapat diatur, meskipun Anda akan melihat beberapa drop kamera untuk ISO 80, ISO 64, atau bahkan ISO 50. Ini umum untuk melihat kamera digital dengan pengaturan sensitivitas yang tinggi pada ISO 1600, ISO 3200 dan seterusnya. Para D3s Nikon dan Canon 1D Mark IV (keduanya kamera $ 5000) menawarkan pengaturan sensitivitas ISO hingga 102.400. Kamera ini dapat melihat dalam gelap lebih baik daripada aku bisa dengan mata saya.

Jika kita menggunakan ISO rendah, film atau sensor kurang sensitif dan kita juga mungkin perlu menggunakan lensa aperture untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak cahaya ke sensor, atau kita perlu menggunakan kecepatan rana untuk memberikan cahaya selama periode waktu yang lebih lama. Jika kita menggunakan ISO tinggi, kita bisa hidup dengan cahaya kurang selama jangka waktu yang lebih singkat.

Cara Menggunakan ISO di Kamera Anda

Jika Anda memiliki kamera digital, Anda mungkin memiliki kemampuan untuk mengubah secara manual setting ISO pada setiap saat sebelum melakukan eksposur. Beberapa titik dasar dan menembak kamera, bagaimanapun, adalah sepenuhnya otomatis dan tidak memungkinkan Anda untuk mengubah pengaturan ISO.

Secara umum, pengaturan ISO lebih rendah lebih disukai daripada setelan ISO yang lebih tinggi. Hal ini karena pengaturan ISO rendah umumnya menawarkan kualitas gambar yang lebih baik secara keseluruhan dan tidak memproduksi noise sebanyak setting ISO yang lebih tinggi.

Pada kali, Anda akan ingin menggunakan inspirasi kreatif Anda sendiri untuk membuat gambar terlihat dengan cara tertentu dengan memilih kecepatan rana yang tepat dan kombinasi aperture. Dalam kasus tersebut, Anda mungkin harus mengandalkan pengaturan ISO untuk mendapatkan eksposur yang tepat. Seringkali, ini dapat mengakibatkan menetapkan pengaturan ISO lebih tinggi daripada biasanya Anda akan mempertimbangkan.

ISO Tinggi Bisa Mean Noisy Images

Salah satu efek samping dari sensor gambar yang sangat sensitif (atau film) dapat kebisingan. Gambar kebisingan sering tampak seperti gandum pada gambar itu sendiri, tetapi juga dapat dilihat sebagai bercak-bercak warna dan bandeng. Ini bisa menjadi agak polos, dan tidak terlalu mengganggu biji-bijian, yang umumnya disebut sebagai bentuk kebisingan ini tampaknya menambahkan sedikit tekstur pada gambar "noise cahaya.", Dan kadang-kadang dapat bekerja untuk memperbaiki estetika foto .

Kebisingan juga dapat menjadi buruk "chroma noise," yang terlihat seperti bercak-bercak warna sepanjang gambar. Ini adalah bentuk yang sangat menarik dari kebisingan, dan cukup terlihat ketika hadir dalam foto.

Kamera produsen terus menemukan cara yang lebih baik untuk mengatasi kebisingan dan membuat gambar tampak kurang "berisik" dalam kedua DSLR high-end dan titik kompak dan kamera menembak. Selain itu, kemampuan untuk menembak di format gambar RAW dan foto proses dalam program canggih seperti Noise Ninja atau baru-baru ini Adobe Lightroom 3 perangkat lunak adalah lebih mendorong batas pengaturan ISO tinggi.

Apr 1, 2011

5 Tips dan Trik Digital Fotografi

Apakah Anda telah melihat atau tidak, sebagian besar tembakan digital Anda akan memiliki 'cool' melihat mereka, yaitu sangat tajam dan dingin mencari. Hal ini disebabkan oleh pengaturan white balance yang merupakan standar untuk kamera digital saat pada setting "auto". Hal ini mungkin tidak mengganggu Anda karena Anda belum benar-benar menyadarinya sebelumnya, tapi begitu Anda mencoba pengaturan lainnya, itu membuat perbedaan besar!

Jika Anda membidik foto outdoor dan ada banyak sinar matahari, coba ubah pengaturan white balance Anda untuk manual dan memilih pengaturan seperti naungan atau berawan. Ini akan meningkatkan warna merah dan kuning dari foto, sehingga memberikan gambaran yang lebih hangat.

Tes ini untuk diri sendiri - mengambil foto di mobil kemudian beralih white balance untuk menaungi atau berawan dan mengambil foto yang sama persis. Upload ke komputer Anda dan membandingkan mereka berdampingan ... hangat ya?

2. Sneaky trik untuk Polarizing Filter

Jika Anda ingin mendapatkan bahkan lebih serius tentang tembakan di luar ruangan Anda, maka Anda perlu untuk mendapatkan tangan Anda pada filter polarisasi. Filter ini adalah yang Anda butuhkan jika Anda ingin menjadi fotografer serius dan cinta untuk menembak lanskap dan potret luar ruangan. Hal ini akan mengurangi pantulan silau dan tidak diinginkan dan warna yang lebih jenuh.

Tapi, filter ini mahal dan paling titik dan kamera klik tidak menerima mereka ... jadi apa yang harus dilakukan? Ambil kacamata dari kepala mereka dan menempatkan mereka di depan lensa kamera! Dapatkan mereka sebagai dekat dengan jendela bidik mungkin dan pastikan Anda tidak dapat melihat rims di tembakan. Untuk meningkatkan ditembak bahkan lebih, pastikan matahari di kedua kanan atau bahu kiri.

3. Potret Outdoor dengan Flash, apa?!

Saya tahu ini bertentangan dengan apa yang kita diberitahu saat mengambil potret luar ruangan, terutama jika matahari keluar, tetapi ini akan menerangi subjek Anda dan memberikan yang profesional terlihat kita semua inginkan dari foto kita!

Lakukan ini dengan memastikan flashdisk pada, bukan pada otomatis. Selanjutnya coba pilihan yang berbeda dari positioning - mendapatkan subjek untuk duduk dengan matahari di belakang mereka atau ke sisi mereka sehingga rambut mereka diterangi atau coba mendapatkan subyek untuk duduk di tempat teduh dan menggunakan lampu kilat untuk menerangi mereka dan menghindari mata sipit - tidak terlalu menarik!

4. Sempurna Tutup Ups

Ingin mendapatkan setiap baris, rambut dan kerut pada orang yang Anda telah menonton malam semua atau hanya ingin mencoba tangan Anda di beberapa close up terbuka - terutama pada orang-orang semut kecil berkeliaran di tanah?

Apakah Anda tahu ada mode close up pada kamera Anda, cerdik menyamar sebagai "bunga" dalam setting manual Anda?! No? Berpikir begitu, juga tidak saya sampai seorang teman fotografer bercerita tentang hal itu! Ini brilian! Pastikan Anda menggunakan tripod atau sangat stabil dengan tangan Anda dan ketika mengambil foto, tekan tombol rana ditekan setengah jalan pertama untuk membolehkan kamera untuk fokus kemudian ikuti melalui.

Ingatlah bahwa ketika Anda berada dalam modus ini bahwa Anda memiliki kedalaman dangkal lapangan, sehingga fokus pada bagian dari subjek yang Anda benar-benar ingin dekat dan pribadi dengan!

5. Berbaris Horizon

Seberapa sering Anda mengambil foto lanskap hanya untuk melihatnya dan menemukan bahwa cakrawala adalah saldo off sedikit? Tetapi ketika Anda melihat melalui jendela bidik Anda, Anda bersumpah itu tingkat?!

Cara termudah untuk mengatasi masalah ini adalah dengan menggunakan tripod dan pastikan itu di tanah yang datar ... gagal tripod, pastikan Anda berada di lantai dasar dan menjaga tangan Anda tetap stabil dengan membawa siku Anda ke sisi dada dan jangkar mereka di sana - kini tak bergerak! Ambil tembakan. Pindahkan sedikit untuk membuat penyesuaian sedikit dan mengambil tembakan lagi. Lihat mereka pada komputer dan Anda akan menemukan Anda memiliki setidaknya satu tingkat cakrawala di sana!